Meteor-II Multi-Channel Linux Driver

To set the driver up, do the following:

  1. Get the latest 2.4 series kernel from here.
  2. Get the corresponding "all-in-one" v4l2 patch from here.
  3. Optionally get the bigphysarea patch from here.This seems broken at the moment...
  4. Patch the kernel, build the kernel (enable v4l2!) and reboot into it.
  5. Add the folowing three lines to /etc/modules.conf
    # meteor2mc
    alias char-major-81-0 meteor2mc
    # options meteor2mc dmask=-1 # uncomment for lots of debugging info
  6. Build and install the driver with make && make install
  7. Load the meteor2mc module with modprobe meteor2mc
  8. Load a dcf file with dcf -f mydcffile.dcf
  9. Fire up xawtv or your favourite v4l2 app to check if it works.

I was originally working on meteor2mc kernel module as part of a university project. If you really want more documentation you can get your hands on the write-up here.